iPhone 4s Camera Problem.

I picked up a couple of iPhones 4s last Friday, a white 8GB and a black 64GB. I was impressed at how easy it was to transfer all the data from my old phone to the new one via iTunes, the snappiness of response and the quality of the screen. I did notice a bizarre problem with the camera of the 64GB black phone however.

Inevitably I wanted to experiment with the much talked about camera. I tried to take some test pictures, but the camera wouldn’t fire, instead I saw a screen with vertical bands of purple colour. I tried all sorts of setting combination’s to find out what was happening. The Face-time camera worked fine, and the rear camera where the flash was turned off and when shooting HDR, but with the flash turned on, or “auto” set in a dark room, the LED light/flash came on, but the shutter doesn’t fire, and the purple bars appear.

I took it straight back and swapped it over for a new phone that is now working fine. Has anyone else had this problem?

Author: waynegrundy

Technology Professional and photographer

5 thoughts on “iPhone 4s Camera Problem.”

  1. I’ve got the iPhone 4S and have a different error. The photos take, then when looking at them in the album only shows blurred copies. The short cut through the locked window started the error.
    Going back to Apple! Humph!!

  2. Yep I have had this issue about 4 or 5 times. I am not sure if they were all low light situations. I think I should go visit my friendly blue shirted customer service people and ask for a new one.

  3. yes, we bought the new iphone 4s last week. Today, when i pressed the camera icon, i just got a black screen. anyone know what the problem might be???

  4. Yes I have the same problem here with 16GB black iPhone 4s. I also did every thing to fix it. But still same. I am in Japan and hope to go my mobile provider (Softbank ) next week.

  5. Under multiple white fluorescent lights, when I photograph a bright, white object (eg car), I see these horizontal “scanning lines/stripes”. These also appear on the actual photo….with flash and no flash.

    But, under incandescent lights and natural lights (both low and bright conditions)…everything is perfect.

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