Success at the London Salon 2017

I’m pleased to announce that two of my images were selected for the London Salon of Photography 106th Exhibition 2017. “Clowns in the Mist” and “Abstract Architectural Composition”. The “Clowns” had also been selected for the 2015 Royal Photographic Society Exhibition and is thus my most successful picture of all! The architecture abstract is interesting in that it seems to work, whichever way around you look at it! Indeed the “Salon” published it on its side in the catalogue!

Clowns&Mist for Blog
Clowns & The Mist, Brighton Beach
Arch Abstract
Abstract Architectural Composition

Using Projection with a Model for Psychedelic Effects

I had a photoshoot earlier in the year with KatieBrightonModel. We initially looked at body painting, but instead settled on the idea of projecting images onto the model.

We subsequently had 4 images published in a fashion magazine.

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Canon 5D mkIV for a Tricky Wedding

Worthing Pier Southern Pavillion-5

I recently photographed a wedding of a good friends daughter. I worked in partnership with David Wilsdon. The wedding was held on Worthing Pier on a very windy rainy day. The wedding and reception were held inside the recently restored Art Deco building with large glass area – basically a large semi circle near the end of the pier. This meant that every image was going to be taken against a very bright background.

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Brighton & Hove Camera Club Studio Workshop

The annual BHCC studio shoot was held at my studio. We invited models Ria Fend and Esme Shard. We worked in my loft room for natural light images and my main studio for the images shown here. 10 photographers came, men and women and all agreed that it was a great day. (particularly the models who wrote glowing reviews on PurplePort). I will be hosting more of these soon!Esme-


Brighton & Hove Camera Club Website



After several months in development, I was pleased to launch the new Brighton & Hove Camera Club website in August 2016. I have lead a small team to create a responsive site with a modern look,  emphasising the high quality imagery. Improved functionality includes a competition system, member login, integrated diary / calendar system – enabling downloads to smartphone and online secure payment of subscriptions.

New content includes member portfolio section, articles, FAQ’s and there is also a Photographic Archive dating back to 1928 – a new way for historic images to be enjoyed.

The site encourages member participation with blogs and a new events section.  It has been fun to get hands on with WordPress & HTML!

This is just the beginning of course, now the site will expand with new images, articles and posts.

Thanks to John Hazard, Phil Robinson, Allison Verrall and Bill Brandt

BHCC Website