Boscastle Flood 2004

On August the 16th 2004, the small Cornish village of Boscastle became headline news when the three rivers merging in its centre burst the banks and carried cars and street furniture and even destoyed buildings. I was at the bridge at the village centre as it happened, and shot stills and video as the action unfolded. Fortunately no-one died during this flash flood. My video was shown on the BBC News at 10 that night, and has been featured on many TV shows since including,

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Changing Rooms (BBC)

7 Days That Shook The Weatherman

It was also featured in the Government Information film about the environment (DEFRA)

Cars are swept out of the car park and down to the harbour

The bridge you can see here over the river was too small to cope with the volume of water going through it. Below you can see it was full.

Bridge over river fills to capacity

The Clovelly Clothing company was eventually swept away

The emergency services had to evacuate the other side of the river by helicopter


People at top floor windows had to be evacuated by helicopter

4 thoughts on “Boscastle Flood 2004”

  1. I hadn’t seen these photos before, it is my black freelander that appears in both the shots above, nice to see it by Clovelly Clothing before it finally disappeared into the sea – never to be seen again!!

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