The Goldstone Steam Powered Water Pumping Station in Hove Park

I recently visited this facility for the first time in 20 years. The doors were opened for a special lecture day by the new owners. I spent several hours taking pictures of all aspects of the engine, boiler room and the technology behind it. Photos taken with Fuji XT-2 and the iPhone 13Pro Max (Used for its’ ultra wide lens). Click on the picture it takes you to the gallery!


Surrealist Portraiture

I’ve long been a big fan on Man Ray and Lee Miller. During a recent photography portrait course, we were given the task of creating some surrealist images. I thought up some ideas and experimented in my studio. I put my network of attractive friends to good use and came up with the following images!

I think these techniques will work well for future portrait photography workshops and commissions!

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A Tiny Macro Photography Challenge

One of my hobbies is Hi-Fi. While I have most of my music on digital formats I do get a great deal of pleasure restoring old turntables. One of the challenges when buying a second hand turntable is to check the wear on the stylus as it can damage your records.

I thought that it would be a simple matter of using my macro lens, but I was sorely mistaken. The problem is that the stylus tip, really is VERY small. As photographers, we are used to seeing amazing closeups of insects for example, but this is like trying to take a photo of the end of the insects antenna!

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Deadpan Portraits!

The weeks photography challenge was “Deadpan Portraits”. I came up with the idea of shooting my friends and neighbours framed by their front door. In many cases they happened to be either dressed in something or holding something that says something about them, as do the front doors! The models were asked not to give a cheesy smile but to look either into the distance or at the photographer with a deadpan look. The results were rather amusing! Canon 5dmk4 24-70L f2.8 mk2. Speedlite for fill with Gary Fong diffuser.


Documentary Photography Exercise

I’m currently enrolled on an unusual portrait photography course. It consists of lectures, and a brief, followed by a week or two to go and shoot to the brief. The following lecture includes a long feedback session. I personally prefer working to a brief. This week it was “Documentary Photography”. Luckily there was the Brighton festival in full swing, and I was going to a Jazz concert so here are the pictures, two key moments to document were that it was sold out and that the piano broke!

Taken with a Canon 5D mk4 24-70 f2.8L mk2. Shot RAW, processed in Lightroom, Silver Effects Pro. I added a Tri-X film effect. The location was the Unitarian Church in Brighton. The band and Church were delighted with the images!


Success at the London Salon 2017

I’m pleased to announce that two of my images were selected for the London Salon of Photography 106th Exhibition 2017. “Clowns in the Mist” and “Abstract Architectural Composition”. The “Clowns” had also been selected for the 2015 Royal Photographic Society Exhibition and is thus my most successful picture of all! The architecture abstract is interesting in that it seems to work, whichever way around you look at it! Indeed the “Salon” published it on its side in the catalogue!

Clowns&Mist for Blog
Clowns & The Mist, Brighton Beach

Arch Abstract
Abstract Architectural Composition