Callibrating your camera

If you have calibrated your screen, printer and paper and inks, and are still not getting accurate colour, the only step remaining in the process is to calibrate your camera. It is remarkably easy to do.

Step 1. Take a photograph of a known calibrated colour chart such as the Xrite chart below.
Step 2. Open this with Adobe’s free DNG profile editor, click on the “chart” tab, and move the 4 circles that appear onto the four corner colours.
Step 3. Click “Create colour table”
Step 4. Export the profile “recipe” created for your camera.
Step 4 In Lightroom, choose this profile from the drop down list in “camera profiles” function of the Develop module.

It took less than 15 minutes, and the results were good, with the resulting on-screen image closely matching the Xrite colour chart.

Adobe DNG profile Editor with X-rite 24 patch colour chart

Adobe DNG profile editor can be downloaded for free here

A comprehensive set of instructions from Adobe can be seen here
Adobe Instructions

X-rite colour chart on

X-rite on

X-rite chart from Bodoni Systems

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Technology Professional and photographer

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