Using Projection with a Model for Psychedelic Effects

I had a photoshoot earlier in the year with KatieBrightonModel. She approached me on PurplePort asking if it was possible to create Psychedelic images. We initially looked at body painting, but instead settled on the idea of projecting images onto the model.

Digital Projector

I happened to be at the Photography Show in Birmingham soon after and asked on the lighting stands how to achieve this. One of the guys I spoke to suggested using a vintage “Oil Wheel Projector”. I managed to source one and also experimented with digital projection.

Oil Wheel Projector


We spent hours trying out different images and effects. Katie was brilliant at posing, and while quite technically difficult I think we created some pleasing images. The light levels were very low, so I was subsequently shooting at 1600 and 3200 at f2.8 at 1/30s and 1/60s petty much on the limit for hand held images.







We subsequently had four of the images printed in “Femme Rebel Magazine” August 2017 – so a good result all round!