Canon 5D mkIV for a tricky wedding!

I recently photographed a wedding of a good friends daughter, Claire and her now husband Matt. I worked as a partnership with David Wilsdon. The wedding was held on Worthing Pier on a very windy rainy day. The wedding and reception were held inside the recently restored Art Deco building with large glass area – basically a large semi circle near the end of the pier. This meant that most of the images taken inside would be  taken against a very bright background. I used flash of course to balance things up. I used a Canon 600EX on the camera with a Gary Fong diffuser.

Worthing Pier Southern Pavillion

As you can see the building is a very attractive venue for a wedding. The building had been restored from it’s previous role as a nightclub. The image below shows how it was before restoration!

Worthing Pier Southern Pavillion-2

This was taken in early 2014.

It was clear then that dynamic range was going to be a major issue, with the risk of overly bright background highlights, while on the plus side there would be lots of natural light and minimal interference from light bulbs with different colour temperatures screwing up the white balance!

This is what the venue looks like now – I took this from roughly the same angle – the two pillars are the same ones shown above.

Worthing Pier Southern Pavillion-4

Here are some of the shots.

Worthing Pier Southern Pavillion-9

Not the balance between foreground and background here – the aqua colour of the sea very clearly depicted.

Worthing Pier Southern Pavillion-5

In this shot – my favourite of the day, the bride, sister and son all look down towards the congregation as they walk from the changing area down to the rear of the venue to make their entrance.

There were some interesting architectural features to exploit…

Worthing Pier Southern Pavillion-7.jpg

Outside once it had stopped raining we were able to take some more shots using backgrounds that “presented themselves” (Thanks to the RNLI BTW!) as well as those built into the pier.

Worthing Pier Southern Pavillion-6


Worthing Pier Southern Pavillion-8.jpg


The wind continued to be a problem however!

Worthing Pier Southern Pavillion-3.jpg


In the evening the “streetlamps” and the amazing backgrounds gave a unique atmosphere. A fantastic venue!

Worthing Pier Southern Pavillion-10.jpg


The Canon 5D MKIV was flawless throughout. I used the Canon 24-70 f2.8L Mk2, The Canon 70-200 f2.8MK1 and the Sigma Art 20mm f1.4 for the group shots.

Worthing Pier Southern Pavillion-11.jpg

The Canon vertical grip made portraits much more comfortable. While a heavy overall package to hold especially with the 70-200f2.8LIS – the ergonomics are great and the handling intuitive. I was able to leave a bag in a corner and just carry one lens at a time which certainly helped. Dynamic range was excellent – much better than my previous mkIII – indeed the shadows are considerably less noisy, despite there being much more detail from the 30Mp vs 22MP sensor.

The sensor gives room to crop compared to the MkIII – even half the image will enable an A2 sized print – however the higher resolution is also harder on the lenses. Higher resolution sensors tend to show up lens faults more readily, such as one side of the image being sharper than the other, some of the corners being softer and more distorted than the soles etc.

The higher resolution sensor is also more difficult to hand hold while still obtaining a sharp result. In practice with the pro-level lenses that I was using I don’t find this to be an issue.

Overall the camera was excellent and delivered results that the ride and groom, Claire and Matt we delighted with the pics, and as a rather nice tough, used our images to create a “Thank You” card which they sent out to those involved including the photographers – a nice touch!