Building a Mac based Photo editing workstation. – UPDATED

This is a “hands on” practical guide to building a photo editing workstation using as a base, the 2010 MacPro Hexacore.

On the left is a picture of a 2010 MacPro Hexacore 3.33Ghz machine. On the right a Chillblast PC from 2005.

The Mac looks like a work of art inside and out, the PC is a rats nest of cables and cheap components.

It is easy to see the thought and engineering excellence (and cost) of the MacPro, designed as an integrated unit with many bespoke parts, quality alumnium construction and well thought out cooling approach with large fans. No tools are needed to remove most of the components. The PC in comparison uses cheap off the shelf components in a pressed steel case. Note the eSATA cables barely reach the hard drives. A number of the external ports are not wired up as the board wasn’t designed for any particular case in mind. The poor cooling lead to unreliability. The PC cost just under £3k in 2005, and was the fastest machine Chillblast had built at that time. the MacPro was just over £3k (Aug 10) and is the fastest Mac available for Photoshop.

THIS IS NOW COMPLETED! 6 Cores, 24GB RAM, 8TB storage, SSD system drive.

Building a hi-end, Mac based Photo editing workstation.

Author: waynegrundy

Technology Professional and photographer

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